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Terms and Conditions

This agreement was created on 1st Jan, 2012, last updated on 1st April, 2018
Please read the following user agreement. when you sign up for any service within HelloRishtey.com™ or www.HelloRishtey.com, all of which are hereinafter referred to collectively as the "website", you agree to all of the terms and conditions of this agreement. please read the following terms and conditions carefully, as they form the agreement between us. if you do not agree to these terms and conditions,you may not use the website, and should not proceed to register/login. by using the website you are agreeing to be bound by this user agreement, including all amendments made time to time. so it is your responsibility to read this on regular basis.

User Agreement:
HelloRishtey.com is referred to as "website". User is a person who is using website and getting some information from website. User of HelloRishtey.com is referred to as "user" or "member" or 'you' thereafter. This agreement constitutes your agreement with HelloRishtey.com ("HelloRishtey.com") with respect to your use of the website. you must agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement in order to become or remain an authorized user of the website. as used in this agreement, "we" and "us" means HelloRishtey.com , or any successor or assignee of HelloRishtey.com. You agree to use the website/related services on "AS-IS" basis. The site is only for the personal use of individual members, and cannot be used for commercial gains or interests. For commercial use (for marriage bureau/matrimonial services) charges are 100% extra on normal plans. This includes (but is not limited to) providing links to other web sites. Organizations, companies, and/or businesses cannot become members of the site. A user cannot create multiple profiles of his/her on the site. The site reserves the right to deactivate all such profiles without refund of any membership fee, if applicable. HelloRishtey.com is an information service platform where bride/grooms or their parents/relatives will be contacting each other for matrimony purposes (finding bride/grooms) only.Our motive is to help people in finding perfect matrimonial alliance & which is possible through information service only. By doing registration, you authorize this website to send matrimonial related information through sms, email, whatsapp or (other any other communication medium) to you untill you specifically do cancellation of registration. You can cancel your registration after 7 days of registration. Your horoscope information may be visible to certain members so that they can match horoscope. You authorize this website to disseminate your submitted photo/profile information to suitable member or other members can view your full profile/image. By registering/submitting your information on this website, you are legally agree that the ownership of the information provided by you, is with HelloRishtey.com. HelloRishtey.com is the owner of the information. HelloRishtey.com provides information on as-is basis. This website does not charge any fee/amount/rupees for submitting the information to this site. Registration/submission is totally free. We can also do miss-call on your mobile number so as to check if mobile number is still working or not. You swear to god and legally agree that you have provided/submitted/told absolutely correct information. You agree that you will never argue on any information provided by means of this website. You agree that information provided by you is correct and best of your knowledge. You have to use this service through our website yourself. You agree that we website can send your profile detail and picture to other website members or guest users or matrimonial seekers so as to get good response.

We will never recommend/suggest you anything related to your profile/matching profiles. It is only and only user's responsibility to write/enter sufficient/necessary information for proper matching & search profiles/take action on information. You will never blame HelloRishtey.com if you have entered improper/in-sufficient information and you are not getting proper response for your profile, Response depends upon your profile information and your desired partner choice, profile information added by users and choice of your matching profiles.

As Per Govt Advisory:
You (User) intend to enter in to matrimonial alliance. You (User) have read/understood Term & Conditions & Privacy Policy in detail. You (User) confim that information provided by you is correct & best of your knowledge. You (User) are agree to receive SMS/WhatsApp from HelloRishtey.com even on my DND mobile numbar.
You understand that this website is strictly for matrimonial purpose - You will not add any obscene content. You may have to provide any legally verifiable document/identity/address proof if required by any authority. You as a user are requested to report against any possible fraudster who ask for money, favour etc. or other misuse. Your IP address is stored with (for 1 year) when you login or create profile. For help: frequenty Asked Question
Report such incidents to our Grievance Officer: contact@hellorishtey.com

Login ID Creation / Profile Registration:   Login ID creation means getting login id and OTP password on your mobile. If you have created your login id, you are able to login in website. You can create your login just by giving a miss call on our mobile number. Note that registration means filling your matrimonial biodata details & choices. All registration are done on good-faith. By doing registration on this website you have authorized this website to disseminate your profile to other members via SMS,WhatsApp,Phone call,Email or other easy communication medium. Also you have authorized us, given your consent that we can send you profile information through SMS alerts, phone call & email, WhatsApp or other communication medium. Also we may send you reminders (by SMS or WhatsApp) once in a 20 days to ask about login and view profiles in inbox (No matter you have registered in NDNC registry). If you are looking for a partner for friendship purpose then please do not register your profile or remove your profile (if already registered). This site is only for legally major marriageable age persons. Minors should not use this website. If anyone legally minor submits his/her profile info. we will not be responsible for this, please inform us, we will remove it immediately.  If at any time HelloRishtey.com is of the opinion (in its sole discretion) or has any reason to believe that you are not eligible to become a member or that you have made any misrepresentation about your eligibility, HelloRishtey.com reserves the right to forthwith terminate your membership and / or your right to use the service without any refund to you of any of your unutilized subscription fee. Note that other members can contact you after viewing your contact number from website. We are not responsible for any communication between you and other person.
This service is to save money, time, paper & it is in public interest. we will be happy to freely serve people who are not able to pay our service charges.
After registration, your profile may be displayed on website depending upon your type of registration. Any inappropriate content will be removed from profile. Website authority can edit/remove/delete/block objectionable information & also can refuse/disable any free/paid registration. Other users are also requested to report spam at contact@hellorishtey.com. We do not take responsibility for the information published here in this site. We do not recognize any claim/compensation for any incorrect/changed data/information provided to the user(s) by means of this web site. However user(s) must make appropriate/thorough confirmation/enquiries on his/her own level to determine the suitability or efficacy of the information/services before acting upon any data/information provided to the user(s),
Readers are requested to verify the contents on their own before acting there upon. All users have to verify correctness of information on their own level, we are not responsible for any wrong/incorrect information, because these information is submitted by people/public. we are not responsible in any manner if anyone has not uploaded his/her photograph. please do not rely upon telephonic assistance regarding any information related to product or service offered, come to website, everything is written here. 
Contacts provided are verified contacts. Verified means contact no. belongs to registered user and is correct because a user registers his/her profile and writes mob. no., after registration, a SMS containing login ID and password is sent to that no., if user logs in successfully in website then his mobile no. gets verified automatically, otherwise it is displayed as unverified. similar is the case with email. 
Our team members will do registration on the behalf of our users (who does not have access to internet), their registration sms and profile will be sent to them on their mobile no., so its their duty to check the profile and let us know if there is any kind of mistake. we are not responsible for any mistake. we can send you an introductory/offer sms if you call/contact on our any of contact no., we can give a miss call on your contact numbers so as to check that number exists. We consider the manglik status of a profile which has been submitted by a user. We can accept your claim that a profile is manglik or non manglik after checking with some software or some good astrologer/pandit ji.
The site reserves the right to verify the authenticity of content posted on the site. in exercising this right, the site may ask the user to provide any documentary or other form of evidence supporting the content. the membership will be terminated if the user fails to produce such evidence, you will not register same profile again, if we find any duplicate profile, we will consider it a fake profile and may remove it. Please note that your registration will be deleted immediately if some information is found incorrect/ fake/ wrong/in-consistent. You agree that, for beter responses, in some cases we can give user's advertisement in matrimonial newspaper. Advertisement will be kept private. No personal information will be given in advertisement, e.g. names, birth info, phone number, address, job/business location. In case customer does not receive any profile in his account for a duration of continuously 15 days then he can claim to extend his profile validity for another 15 days. Duplicate profiles will also be removed.

Spams: We strongly oppose unwanted messaging to others i.e. spams, you are requested not to send unwanted spam like/requests/messages to other users. Send requests to other only if both sides partner preferences are matching (atleast cast/marital status,income preferences) otherwise in case of more than 2 spam observed, your account/profile will be blocked without any intimation, no matter you have paid for this service and your charges will not be refunded in this case. you will not be allowed to login to website. but you can continue your service on telephone, you can ask suitable profiles on phone every week. sometimes any spammer may register a fake profile by providing wrong mobile no. and email. if you get any unwanted sms,email from us, please let us know on 9315393152 or send mail to contact@hellorishtey.com. You cannot use any automated processes, including IRC Bots, EXE's, CGI or any other programs/scripts to view content on or communicate / contact / respond / interact with HelloRishtey.com and/or its members. Be careful while sending photo request, like to other users, if you are sending spams to other users then your profile will be blocked. If more than 4 users make a complaint about your profile ID.

Profile Matching:We will send your profile to concerned person & also send profiles to you through sms/email untill you specifically send request to cancel your registration. your will get profiles in sms/email & your account, profiles are matched from each side & sent to both depending upon age,height,cast,preferences,place,income, employment,manglikness, marital status etc. Profile received may or may not be suitable, if received match is not suitable for you it means it is matched from other user's side(on the basis of information provided), you can delete that sms/email. We can not assure you for suitable matches, rather you have to check suitability yourself. No complaint will be entertained in this regard. we work like as a information provider only. we do not ask/convery address of anyone. If profile preferences does not match from other side then you may not unlock contacts. In this case, you may request our customer care, contact number is given by our customer care executive totally on their discretion only if profile is found suitable according to age,height,cast,preferences,place,income,employment or as decided by our information executives. Please let us know any spam or any profile you find incorrect/fake, we will remove it immediately. You agree that you will never question on the process/way/procedure/frequency of profile matching.
Membership fees are not refundable if a member chooses to terminate the membership. Your profile details will be submitted on this website even if you tell us your detail on phone or send us by whatsapp. If you want, you can hide it from users of website. we may send you sms even after 9pm if we find that you are online. Indian govt. has right to ban bulk sms anytime, we are not responsible for this at any point of time. Please note that this website is in testing phase (beta version), so you may get a profile which does not match to your requirements, please do not over-react over this, just ignore this & if possible let us know. this website is in development phase. There may be bugs/errors in this site/services. After login, please set your desired partner choice, we will send you profiles according to this only.

Profile Details, Communication: There is a limit of 160 characters on every sms, so if in paid service, if you did not get complete details/contacts in sms then you may login and see that detail/contact. if you register in paid membership then you are bound to our terms and conditions, see our paid membership plans. We also do not take any responsibility of the sms delivery.We use best SMS service in the industry but still 100% SMS delivery can not be guranteed. if your mobile/email inbox is full then you will not get sms/emails from us. if someone has activated do-not-disturb service on his/her mobile then sms may not be delivered on his/her mobile. However we send sms/email on as and when required basis, but still we also do not take any responsibility of non delivery of sms/email due to technical snags in sms/email gateways. Only mobile/internet service providers should be held responsible because we are just using their services, but you can see those profiles in your login account, so we will count profiles sent to you in your HelloRishtey.com inbox. SMS,email alerts are free & are not a part of our paid service. Always view profiles/contacts in website.
HelloRishtey.com reserves the right to verify the authenticity of Content posted on the Site. In exercising this right, HelloRishtey.com may ask you to provide any documentary or other form of evidence supporting the Content you post on the Site. If you fail to produce such evidence, HelloRishtey.com may, in its sole discretion, terminate your Membership without a refund.

Paid Membership: Paid plans can be viewed here. You agree that you have tried free membership & you pay only after reading all terms and conditions. Make any payments only if you are legally agree with our Terms&Conditions. Firstly register your profile free & if you get suitable profiles as per your choice in website & you want to get their birth info./contact numbers, only then pay charges. Payments are non-refundable because these charges are maintenance charges, you pay above charges only if you are fully aware of our system & fully satisfied with free service and with our way of profile-matching. Plan charges depends upon user's partner choice, so charges may vary from user to user. If you do not get assured no. of profiles in plan duration, please tell us, your profile validity will be increased further. By paying our charges you agree that you will never legally claim for any other compensation which is more than the amount you have paid. After payments, let us know TXN/transaction no., if your payments are not confirmed then please send us scanned copy of physical proof of payment. Please note that if anytime you pay cash in bank then you have to add Rs.30 extra in plan amount otherwise we will not be able to activate your plan.
Paying charges means you are satisfied with information provided in free plan and your are willing to get name,contacts & birth info. of received profiles. Your paid services will be deactivated if you do not like any profile or do not login after activation. No charges will be refunded. Your paid plan will be converted to free plan. For marriage bureaus / consultants / commercial purposes: charges are 100% extra on all plans. Our charges/offers are valid till date only. these tariff plans may change anytime without any notice.For latest offers/plans, see website Alternatively, user can ask for extension of registration also instead of refund. If you view all contacts (allowed in your paid membership) before validity days, then you will become a free-member after viewing last contact. Validity is max. 1 year for all paid memberships. After 1 year of subscription, profile will be converted into free membership anytime. Your profile, even if in paid membership, may not be completely visible to other users depending on their membership plans, e.g. free members can not have access of all the paid member's profiles. In paid plan you may get profiles/contacts of profiles depending upon suitability and availability of profiles. If you do not get profiles in sms/email then it may mean that there is no suitable profile as per your preference or there is some problem in email/sms system you are using. so recheck your email id/mobile no./dnd on your mobile number or adjust your partner preference parameters. please do not rely on sms, email, rather always check your login account. whatever detail we see suitable for you, will send you. we do not take any responsibility that how much response you will receive because profiles are sent depending upon the age,height,qualification level,cast,marital status,manglikness,income,employment. Payment/charges paid once will not be transferable to other registration/profile ID. You should note down profile detail/contact/email of liked profile because that profile may be closed anytime & then you will not be able to access that profile. We may advertise the profile in a matrimonial newspaper & we may post the profile detail (e.g. first name,qualification,work/living city,income) on social media platform i.e. our facebook page/youtube channel/twitter/instagram page. User identity will be kept anonymous. User's address/phone/office name or any other detail which shows the identity, is never shown on our social media platforms. No one will be able to identify the user from the post.
In case of non-publication of advt., your amount will be refunded or adjusted in our paid service as per your wish. you will never claim for any compensation for delay/non-publication in newspaper advt. because only newspaper should be held responsible in this case. Customers/Users are strongly advised not to deposit more than amount Rs.999 in our bank account as membership charges. If anyone does this, we will not be able to refund this amount. Even if you have paid for lower charges plan, but only our management will decide that which plan will be applicable on your profile.  If you insist to get lower charges plan, then we will update your desired partner choice in your profile as per plan insisted. Other users may be able to see you complete profile always & contact you. Very first responsibility of a member is to save their desired partner choice, because users will get suitable match on the basis of their saved choices. If free/paid users do not view/like/view contact of received profiles in their inbox, further automated alerts are stopped. In other words, if there are 5 new messages in your "My Message" section, then we will not send more new profiles to you. To receive more new messages, you have to view all new messages. 

Totally Free Plans: There are two tricks which you can use to view contacts free of cost.
1. HelloRishtey.com coins is like a credit/points you get. Go to "Free-Coin" page. Invite your friends to earn coins. Click on whatsapp icon and send invite to friends. When they register and complete their profile, you get coins. Keep Inviting, keep collecting coins.
2. Spin&Win: Click on spinning wheel & get free coins daily.
After getting a certain number of coins you can use these coins to purchase a paid plan.
Also, if you login, your contact number is displayed free of cost for a certain time duration on our newspaper section.

Delivery/Shipping Policy: We do not sell any tangible product so there is no need to deliver/ship product to the customer's address. We provide matrimonial information services to users. If users opt for paid plan, their plan will be activated online within 24 hour.

Cancellation Policy: You can cancel your profile after 10 days of registration. Any request for plan cancellation will be met with written to support team at +91-93153-93152 as fast as possible. You accept that when you cancel your plan/membership with the website you are automatically locked out of the site and your access is immediately terminated. you also agree and accept the complete and final loss of your profile, mail, and any other membership information that you should have. this information cannot be reclaimed or transferred to any third party. if you later change you decision you must re-register and pay for a new membership. However previous registration information will remain lost. After cancellation, if you still get any SMS/Email from us then send us written request through SMS/Email (only from your registered mobile no./email id) mentioning your Profile ID in that. Also if some profile has been finalized/matured and user has not cancelled his/her profile then it may be sent to others, so we will not be responsible for this. Users can login and cancel their profile themselves. Just go to "My-Account" and then click "Account Settings" then Deactivation, here you can cancel your profile. All profiles registered once will be valid for 3 year.
In cashback plans: Specified cashback is given back to paid member if he/she cancels the registration. The amount can be given back after we receive GPay/PhonePe/PayTm/NEFT details. It will take 10 working days after the date we receive cancellation request.
Please use ad-plan only if you start getting enough suitable matches. You also agree that your picture can be displayed on this website on any page. 

SMS,Email Alerts: Always login in to website once in 30 days and view full biodata/profiles/contacts yourself. If there are more than or equal to 4 new new biodata (which you have not viewed in Full Biodata mode), and if such profiles are lying in your login account, then your alerts will be closed. Alerts will be continued only after viewing all new biodata.

Refund Policy: Users(you) try our totally free trial service initially. So you can use paid membership/pay charges at your own will, when you satisfied with service or when you feel that website has such profiles whose contacts you want to get, because payment is not refundable in normal cases. By doing a free/paid registration, you legally agree that you will never demand/ask/claim for any kind of compensation which is in amount higher than the amount you paid to us. only in special case (as mentioned below) charges may be refunded:
1. If management decides, we can refund payment/charges (if user has not utilized the service).
2. If user has received profiles with date of birth details or user has taken any contacts or some other users have taken member's contact, then membership charges can not be refunded because user has utilized the service.
3. In any plan, if user gets a mobile number/contact number which is found invalid/does not exist or not reachable upto 7 days then after 7 days, we will credit another profile contact in your account. So you will be able to view one another contact number.

Charges may be refunded only if user writes to us by an email for refund within 15 days of paid registration and if you have provided us an online bank account or PNB bank account. After completion of paid plan duration days, e.g. if you pay for 60 days plan, your refund is initiated after 60 days only. Also payment gateway/bank charges Rs.30 will be deducted from the total charges. User registration will be cancelled/converted to free membership after a refund. Any service-charges/taxes levied by bank/payment gateway will be deducted by bank/payment gateway. If user has taken horoscope or contact then charges will be deducted as per plan accordingly. After claiming/receiving your amount once, this refundable option will not be applied to user in subsequent subscriptions. It means a user can claim for refund only once in lifetime for his registration. if a user has canceled his/her registration and has taken refund of amount then if such user again registers in our paid plan, then charges will be higher for that user & telephonic assistance will not be given to such users and no complaint will be entertained from such users thereafter.

Profile Counting: On clicking "UNLOCK CONTACTS" button only then you will get contact. If you again like same profile in different subscription plan then it will be counted again in your account. You have to decide yourself that you have taken contact of a profile earlier or not. So do not like same profile in two different subscription plan durations. we are not responsible if any phone no. given by webite is switch off or not working or user has changed his/her number. Its completely a responsibility of user to get his latest phone number updated in our records. However you can ask second contact from us. If second number is also not working or if any user's matrimonial has been finalized, then please let us know via email/call/SMS within 24 hour of getting contacts, we will confirm and we will remove that profile from your account & we will not count that profile in your plan. No request will be entertained after 24 hour. If you face such incidence that If you contact any user and user says that his/her matrimonial has already been finalized then tell us Profile ID of that user, we will remove profile of that user and we will not count that profile in your plan. Because it is the responsibility of user to cancel their profile. Our management decision will be final in this concern. Also if you demand for removal of many profiles from your messages then we can block your account and no amount will be refunded to you. In this case we will not be able to provide you services. If you do not want to see complete details on website and want to get direct contacts telephonically then please send us SMS from your registered mobile no. to +91-93153-93152 mentioning that you need contacts of a profile ID, only then we will send you profile with contact. If users gets the unverified contact no. of a profile, then it will be counted. If you do not taken action on message received, then received profile older than 2 months will be deleted from your account. You are requested to report any kind of anomaly/issue/problem related to any service or information/contacts provided by this website via SMS or email at our mobiles or email, within 3 days of incident. After 3 days, we will not be able to entertain/resolve your concern.

Profile Editing: However we send registration ID/password & your profile to you through SMS/email. So it is only your responsibility to verify all contents of your biodata/profile. If you do not rectify info./content of your profile, we will have to consider it correct/OK. Free users can not edit their profile information once submitted. Once you start getting contact email/contact numbers of other users, or someone gets your birth info., then we will not be able to change your birth information/manglikness status. In special cases, only for paid users: when approved by website administrator, if by mistake some incorrect information was entered by any paid user, then paid user can send us written request through email/sms to update it. Verbal requests will not be entertained. Bride/groom name, father's name, date of birth, birth time, birth place can not be updated, name can be abbreviated (must show first letter of name). History of changes requested/made by you may be made visible to other users. Also if birth info. is changed, then current plan charges will be applicable on your registration. Birth info. can be changed at the most 2 times during active paid registration. To change mobile no./email id, user has to send us email/sms from that email id/mobile number.

Telephonic Calls To Customer Care: We do not provide telephonic assistance to free users, however it is available for paid users (provided telephonic calls are not continued for more than 3 minutes, in such cases we will be disconnecting that call). if a user tries to disrupt our services by calling us un-necessarily on any of our phone number more than 2 times in a day, then mobile no./profile of that user will be blacklisted and no information/service will be provided to that user on telephone. However that user can use all paid services on website. Any problem regarding any user's free account will not be entertained on phone, please send written email at contact@hellorishtey.com. users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password and for restricting access to their computer, and they agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under their account or password.
To Become A Recharge-Dealer:
  • Dealer has to tell people about HelloRishtey.com
  • Dealer has to recharge a customer's ID only as per our plans.
  • Dealer will get upto 25% commission on every recharge
  • Dealer will not collect any extra charges from customer
  • Dealer will not collect any biodata from customer
  • Biodata should be registered on 9315393152 or on website directly
  • Please send your scanned address+photo proof & also you need to deposit Rs. 10000
  • Pay in favour of: HelloRishtey.com, PNB Current A/c: 3931002100011287, DAV College Branch, Ambala City, IFSC/NEFT: PUNB0393100 & tell us bank receipt number.
  • We will add this credit + your commission in advance into your agency account. (e.g. if you deposit Rs.1000, we will add credit of Rs.1150 in your agency account)
  • Then you can register any profile & recharge that Profile ID online or by SMS.
  • This recharge amount will be deducted from your credit balance.
  • After recharging, you do not have to deal with customer, we will handle him our-self

If any dealer is not willing to continue with us, dealer can anytime take their balance back. Commission given will be deducted from balance, Dealers are not allowed to ask any other fee from our customers. Any violation of these terms may result in cancellation of dealership & no amount will be refunded. Dealership is initially valid for 1 year but it is extendable. For more details, contact us.

Adult: You represent, warrant and covenant that you are at least 18+ years old (if you are a female) and 21+ years (if you are a male). this website is addressed to adults only. By using the website you agree that you are at least 18+ years old (if you are a female) and 21+ years (if you are a male) age and older. failure to comply with this agreement may result in legal actions.
Right To Use: your right to use the website is subject to any limitations, conditions and restrictions established by us from time to time, in our sole discretion. we may alter, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the website at any time, including the availability of any website feature, database or content. we may also impose limits on certain features and aspects of the website or restrict your access to parts or all of the website without notice or liability. website administrator has full right to blacklist several registrations/users/spammers. If you want to use this service as commercial use, then you have to declare this by sending email to us and mentioning your mob. no. and email. If you register multilple profile, then we may block those profile. Charges for commercial use will be double than the normal charges. Following are terms:
  • You will not pursue any of our customer for registration in your service
  • You will never ask for any charges/amount from our website users.
  • You will never do any promotional SMS, call to our website customers
  • You will only get contact of other users
  • You will always give reference of this website while contacting to other users
  • If any of your action affects our goodwill/reputation then your profile will be blacklisted  
  • If any website user makes a complaint then your profile will be blocked and no fee will be refunded.
Code of Conduct: You agree to use the website in accordance with the following code of conduct:
a) you are solely responsible for any information that you display when using the website or to other members. you will keep all information provided to you through the website as private and confidential and will not give such information to anyone without the permission of the person who provided it to you. You are solely responsible for your advertisement/communications with other HelloRishtey.com Members. HelloRishtey.com expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for any transactions or interactions between the members.
b) you will not use the website to engage in any form of harassment or offensive behavior, including but not limited to the posting of communications, pictures or recordings, which contain libelous, slanderous, abusive or defamatory statements, or racist, pornographic, obscene, or offensive language;
c) you will not forward chain letters through the website;
d) you will not use the website to infringe the privacy rights, property rights, or other civil rights of any person;
e) you will not post messages, pictures or recordings or use the website in any way which violates, plagiarizes or infringes upon the rights of any third party, including but not limited to any copyright or trademark law, privacy or other personal or proprietary rights, or is fraudulent or otherwise unlawful or violates any law.
your use of the website is for your own personal use. you may not authorize others to use the website and you may not transfer your accounts with other users.
g) you will not use the website to distribute, promote or otherwise publish any material containing any solicitation for funds, advertising or solicitation for goods or websites. H) Users at no point of time will indulge in activities such as dating, flirting, friendship etc when sending messages to users of the opposite sex. the purpose should solely be limited to that of finding a life partner. by becoming a user of the site. All users are responsible for the content and information [including profile and photograph] posted on the site. no content in whatever form that is defamatory, blasphemous, abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, profane, intimidating, illegal or in violation of the rights of any person, including intellectual property rights will be allowed on the site. Please note that in case of any technical problem or other problem we may keep our mobile/contact number switched off, so if our mobile no. are off then contact us after some time.

Monitoring of Information: We reserve the right to monitor all advertisements, public postings and messages to ensure that they conform to the content guidelines, which may be applicable from time to time. we also reserve the right to monitor all messages and chats that take place through the site. we are not responsible for any offensive or obscene materials that may be transmitted or posted by other users (including unauthorized users as well as the possibility of "hackers"). we are also not responsible for the use of any personal information that the user may choose to post on the website. sometimes any spammer may register a fake profile by providing wrong mobile no. and email. if you get any unwanted sms,email from us, please let us know on 9315393152 or send mail to contact@hellorishtey.com

Copyright: You cannot post, distribute, or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights. If you believe that your work has been copied and posted on this site in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, then please inform us, we will remove the content as early as possible. Please provide us with the following information:
  • an electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest
  • a description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed
  • a description of where the material that you claim is infringing is located on the our Site
  • your address, telephone number, and email address
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