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7 Shaadi Promise

I promise to love and care for my life partner, through times of joy and times of sorrow, to rejoice when he/she is happy and grieve when he/she suffers,to share his/her interests and hopes for the future, to try to understand him/her even when I do not agree, to do all in my power to help my partner be his/her true self, the person GOD calls his/her to be. In all this, I ask for GOD's help,now and in the days to come

1. The bride and the groom take the first step of the seven vows to pledge that they would provide a prospered living for the household or the family that they would look after and avoid those that might hinder their healthy living.

2. During the second step of the seven pheras, the bride and the groom promise that they would develop their physical, mental and spiritual powers in order to lead a lifestyle that would be healthy.

3. During the third vow, the couple promises to earn a living and increase by righteous and proper means, so that their materialistic wealth increases manifold.

4. While taking the fourth vow, the married couple pledges to acquire knowledge, happiness and harmony by mutual love, respect, understanding and faith.

5. The fifth vow is taken to have expand their heredity by having children, for whom, they will be responsible. They also pray to be blessed with healthy, honest and brave children.

6. While taking the sixth step around the sacred fire, the bride and the groom pray for self-control of the mind, body and soul and longevity of their marital relationship.

7. When the bride and the groom take the seventh and the last vow, they promise that they would be true and loyal to each other and would remain companions and best of friendsfor the lifetime.

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