1 Date: 17-Dec-2018
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Bride wanted
Suitable match for HB54041 Boy , 28 year, Non-Manglik, 5 ft.8 inch, Very Fair, BTech, *Software Engineer - Multi-National Company* in Chandigarh, Income 660000 yearly, Aggarwal: Ambala (Haryana) family... • View family contact
Suitable match for HRB41889 Boy, 30 year, Manglik No-Matter, 5feet-10inch, Occupation: SALES EXECUTIVE-Pvt/Ltd. Org..Package 264000 yearly, MA, BEd, Aggarwal:Sangrur based family. • View family contact
Seeking alliance for 42 year, 5'-6'', MARKETING, Pvt/Ltd. Org., Ludhiana, Package 144000, 10, 2, Divorce, Issueless, , Wheatish, Eggetarian, Ludhiana-Aggarwal family • View family contact
Seeking alliance for 29 year, Anshik-Manglik, 5'-8'', OFFICER GOVT BANK, PSU-Govt. Service, Kurukshetra, Package 600000, M B A, Never-Married, , Fair, PureVeg, Kaithal-Aggarwal family • View family contact
Suitable match for HRB31974 Boy, 28 year, 5feet-6inch, Profession: Advocate-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Chandigarh, BA, BL/LLB, Aggarwal: Chandigarh based family. • View family contact
Seeking alliance for 32 year, 5'-8'', CLOTH MERCHANT, In-Business/Self-Employed, Rohtak, Package 600000, DOING MCOM, Never-Married, , Fair, PureVeg, Rohtak-Aggarwal family • View family contact
Suitable match for HB46044 Boy, 29 year, 5feet-10inch, BA, Profession: Owner-Business/Self-Employed.-Panipat, Income 2400000 yearly, Aggarwal: Panipat based family. Contact:+91-93153-93152 • View family contact
Suitable match for HRB61364 Boy, 31 year, 5feet-8inch, Occupation: Bussiness-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Ludhiana, Package 300000 yearly, BA, Aggarwal: Ludhiana based family. • View family contact
Seeking alliance for 29 year, 5'-6'', COMPUTER TECHER, Pvt/Ltd. Org., Mansa, Package 84000, MCA(COMPUTER SCIENCE), Never-Married, , Veg/NonVeg, Mansa-Aggarwal family • View family contact
Suitable match for 28 year, 5'-6'', SR.SOFTWARE ENGG, MNC Company, Chandigarh, Package 708000, B.TECH-ELECTRICAL, Never-Married, , PureVeg, Kurukshetra-Aggarwal family • View family contact
Suitable match for 32 year, 5'-6'', SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, MNC Company, Pune, B.TECH FROM IIT DELHI, Never-Married, , Fair, PureVeg, Nagpur-Aggarwal family • View family contact
Suitable match for 27 year, 5'-11'', SURGICAL ITEMS BUSINESS, In-Business/Self-Employed, Ambala, Package 720000, B.A, Never-Married, , Fair, PureVeg, Ambala-Aggarwal family • View family contact
Suitable match for Boy,29 year 8 month, Manglik, 5feet-8inch, Working as Non working-Non-Working Presently.-Delhi, Package 300 yearly, 12th only, Aggarwal:Delhi. • View family contact
Seeking alliance for 29 year, 5'-8'', TELECOM BUSINESS, In-Business/Self-Employed, Firozpur, Package 600000, B.TECH FROM LPU, Never-Married, , PureVeg, Firozpur-Aggarwal family • View family contact
Match for Boy Keshav,27 year, Anshik-Manglik, 5 ft.9 inch, Fair, *BTech, Engineer - P.Ltd. Sector* in Gurgaon, Aggarwal: Jagadhri (Haryana) upper-middle class family... • View family contact
Seeking alliance for 27 year, 5'-8'', SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Pvt/Ltd. Org., Delhi, Package 504000, B.TECH-IT, Never-Married, , Fair, PureVeg, Jagadhri-Aggarwal family • View family contact
Seeking alliance for 27 year, Manglik No-Matter, 5'-6'', SENIOR ACCOUNTANT, Pvt/Ltd. Org., Gurgaon, Package 300000, B.COM, Never-Married, , Very Fair, Eggetarian, Rewari-Aggarwal family • View family contact
Seeking alliance for 27 year, 5'-8'', SHRI BALAJI SUITS / MATCHING, In-Business/Self-Employed, Ghaziabad, Package 600000, INTER, Never-Married, , Fair, PureVeg, Ghaziabad-Aggarwal family • View family contact
Match for Boy Mudit,26 year, Non-Manglik, 5 ft.10 inch, Fair, *BTech, MBA, Credit Support Officer - Government Job PSU* in Gandhinagar, Aggarwal: Gurgaon (Haryana) upper-middle class family... • View family contact
Suitable match for 31 year, 5'-10'', FORMULATION SCIENTIST, MNC Company, Ras Al-Khaimah, B.PHARMA, M.TECH-NANO SCIENCE, Never-Married, , Fair, PureVeg, Yamunanagar-Aggarwal family • View family contact
Seeking alliance for 30 year, 5'-9'', MANAGING DIRECTOR, Pvt/Ltd. Org., Mansa, MBA, BFA, Never-Married, , Fair, PureVeg, Mansa-Aggarwal family • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB54666 Boy, 26 year, 6feet-1inch, Occupation: IMPORT PRODUCT FROM CHINA WHOLESALE-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Kaithal, Package 1800000 yearly, BA, Aggarwal:Patiala. • View phone number
Suitable match for HB93064 Boy, 28 year, Manglik, 5feet-8inch, BTech, Diploma/Course, Profession: BILLING ENGG-Pvt/Ltd. Org..-NoidaGreater, Income 480000 yearly, Aggarwal: Noida based family. Contact:+91-9315 • View phone number
Suitable match for HB24683 Boy , 27 year, Manglik, 5 ft.3 inch, BEd, MSc, *Relationship Executive - Pvt/Ltd. Organisation* in Budhlada, Income 300000 yearly, Aggarwal: Budhlada (Punjab) family... • View phone number
Seeking alliance for 30 year, 5'-8'', COMMISION AGENT, In-Business/Self-Employed, Ladwa-KKR, Package 1440000, B.COM, Never-Married, , PureVeg, Ladwa-KKR-Aggarwal family • View phone number
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Advt. Manager
Suitable match for 23 year, 5'-11'', PRODUCTION ENGG, Pvt/Ltd. Org., Kalaamb-Sirmour, Package 216000, B.TECH, Never-Married, , PureVeg, Yamunanagar-Aggarwal family • View phone number
Suitable match for HB87450 : Boy Rishi, 25 year, Non-Manglik, 5 ft.10 inch, Fair, MBA, Profession: Purchase Officer-Pvt/Ltd. Organisation.-Bathinda, Income 240000 yearly, Aggarwal: Bathinda (Punjab) based up • View phone number
Suitable match for HB65061 Boy, 26 year, 5feet-5inch, BTech, Profession: NETWORK ENGG.-Pvt/Ltd. Org..-Gurgaon, Aggarwal: RampuraPhul-Pb. based family. Contact:+91-93153-93152 • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB54539, 29 year, 5feet-9inch, Profession: SR.SOFTWARE ENGG.-MNC Company.-Gurgaon, Income 2700000 yearly, BTech, Aggarwal: Hisar based family. • View phone number
Suitable match for 32 year, 6'-1'', FINANCIAL CONSULTANT, Pvt/Ltd. Org., Kanpur Nagar, Package 420000, MBA, Never-Married, , Fair, Veg/NonVeg, Kanpur Nagar-Aggarwal family • View phone number
Match for Boy Mr,27 year,Non-Manglik, 5 ft.8 inch, Fair, *BTech, Software Engineer - Multi-National Company* in Gurgaon, Aggarwal: Jagadhri (Haryana) high status family... • View phone number
Seeking alliance for 31 year, 5'-8'', SR. SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Pvt/Ltd. Org., Bengaluru Urban, Package 1344000, ME-SOFTWARE SYSTEMS FROM BITS, Divorce, Issueless, , Wheatish, PureVeg, Gohana-Hry-Aggarwal family • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB86409 Boy, 24 year, Anshik-Manglik, 5feet-4inch, Occupation: businessman-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Meerut, MBA, Aggarwal: Meerut based family. • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB79328 Boy, 28 year, 5feet-8inch, Profession: Businessman-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Hisar, Income 420000 yearly, BA, Aggarwal: Hisar based family. • View phone number
Suitable match for 26 year, 5'-9'', ENGINEER, MNC Company, Gurgaon, Package 948000, B.TECH-ELECTRICAL ENGG., Never-Married, , Wheatish, PureVeg, Barnala-Aggarwal family • View phone number
Suitable match for HB31163 Boy, 30 year, 5feet-5inch, MA, Profession: MANAGER-MNC Company.-Karnal, Income 300000 yearly, Aggarwal: Karnal based family. Contact:+91-93153-93152 • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB53849 Boy, 28 year, 5feet-11inch, Occupation: ASSITT MANAGER-MNC Company.-Bhuvneswar, Package 1020000 yearly, B.TE, Aggarwal:Ambala Urban based family. • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB36584 Boy, 30 year, Manglik, 5feet-11inch, Occupation: Sub staff-Govt Service.-Delhi-Central, Package 240000 yearly, BA, Aggarwal:Delhi-Central based family. • View phone number
Suitable match for HB54284 : Boy Tuhin, 28 year, Non-Manglik, 5 ft.5 inch, Wheatish, BTech, Profession: Pine Chemicals Trading Business-Self-Employed/Business.-Hoshiarpur, Income 1200000 yearly, Aggarwal: Ho • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB80021 Boy, 27 year, Anshik-Manglik, 5feet-11inch, Occupation: Sanitary / patanjali Business-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Bathinda, Package 360000 yearly, MA, Aggarwal: Bathinda based fami • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB54555 Boy, 31 year 4 month, 5feet-4inch, Working as GARMENTS-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Chandigarh, Package 600000 yearly, BA, Aggarwal:Narwana. • View phone number
Suitable match for HB32599 Boy , 32 year, Non-Manglik, 5 ft.8 inch, BA, Profession: Businessman-Self-Employed/Business.-Chandigarh, Income 1500000 yearly, Aggarwal: Panchkula (Haryana) family... • View phone number
Suitable match for 28 year,Anshik-Manglik, 5'-1'', SHOP KEEPER AND RETAIL BUSINESS, In-Business/Self-Employed, Jhajjar, Package 300000, SENIOR SECONDARY, Never-Married, , Fair, PureVeg, Jhajjar-Aggarwal famil • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB7653 Boy, 27 year, Manglik, 5feet-5inch, Occupation: Engineer-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Delhi-Central, Package 1800000 yearly, BTech, Aggarwal:Delhi-N.East based family. • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB54529 Boy, 27 year, 5feet-11inch, Occupation: SAP-Pvt/Ltd. Org..-Gurgaon, Package 900000 yearly, BTech, Aggarwal:Yamunanagar based family. • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB40340 Boy, 30 year, Manglik, 5feet-5inch, Profession: Businessman-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Ambala, Income 420000 yearly, BCom, Aggarwal: Ambala based family. • View phone number
Suitable match for 33 year, 5'-8'', MANUFACTURER OF CHEMICAL, In-Business/Self-Employed, Jagadhri, BCOM, Divorce, Issueless, , Wheatish, PureVeg, Jagadhri-Aggarwal family • View phone number
Suitable match for 32 year, 5'-4'', ADVOCATE PRACTICE, In-Business/Self-Employed, Chandigarh, Package 1200000, B.COM, LLB, LLM, Never-Married, , Fair, PureVeg, Yamunanagar-Aggarwal family • View phone number
Seeking alliance for 37 year, 5'-9'', COACHING CENTRE, In-Business/Self-Employed, Muzaffarnagar, Package 240000, M.COM, Divorce, Kid:1:WithMe, PureVeg, Muzaffarnagar-Aggarwal family • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB29981 Boy, 28 year, 5feet-10inch, Occupation: Bussiness-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Baddi, Package 2400000 yearly, BTech, Aggarwal: Baddi based family. • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB58138 Boy, 33 year, 5feet-5inch, Profession: own factory-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Delhi, BCom, Aggarwal: Delhi based family. • View phone number
Suitable match for 29 year, 5'-9'', SHOES, MOBILE DISTRIBUTER, In-Business/Self-Employed, Jind, Package 1200000, DIPLOMA, Never-Married, , Fair, PureVeg, Jind-Aggarwal family • View phone number
Match for Boy Mr,29 year,Anshik-Manglik, 6 ft.3 inch, Fair, *BTech, Technical Lead - Multi-National Company* in Bengaluru Urban, Aggarwal: Yamunanagar (Haryana) family... • View phone number
Suitable match for 43 year,Anshik-Manglik, 5'-5'', NAVDEEP ELECTRONICS MAHWA, In-Business/Self-Employed, Dausa, Package 480000, 12TH, Widowed, Kid:3:WithMe, Wheatish, PureVeg, Dausa-Aggarwal family • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB9209 Boy, 21 year 11 month, Manglik, 6feet-1inch, Occupation: Trading-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Ambala, Package 960000 yearly, Diploma/Course, Aggarwal:Ambala. • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB85941 Boy, 27 year, Anshik-Manglik, 5feet-5inch, Profession: artificial jewellery business-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Tohana, Income 300000 yearly, BA, Aggarwal: Tohana based family. • View phone number
Suitable match for 31 year, 6'-2'', SENIOR EXECUTIVE, Pvt/Ltd. Org., Mumbai City, Package 504000, MBA, Never-Married, , PureVeg, Patiala-Aggarwal family • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB59562 Boy, 25 year, Manglik, 5feet-6inch, Occupation: Service-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Delhi, Package 360000 yearly, 12th only, Aggarwal:Delhi-East based family. • View phone number
Suitable match for HB49799 : Boy Deepanshu, 23 year, Non-Manglik, 5 ft.5 inch, Fair, BCom, MCom, Profession: Businessman-Self-Employed/Business.-Meerut, Income 840000 yearly, Aggarwal: Meerut (Uttar-Pradesh)  • View phone number
Suitable match for HRB8409 Boy, 27 year, 5feet-7inch, Profession: syska dealership, factory, travel agent-In-Business/Self-Employed.-Chandigarh, MBA, Aggarwal: Hisar based family. PH:+91-93153-93152 • View phone number

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